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  • "- Self-expanding Nitinol stent – Radial force fixation
     - Longitudinal supporting strut – Avoid stent shortening, provide axial support
     - Long-term patency of iliac arteries"

    Ankura AAA Stent Graft

  • "- There is one nut (with screw) respectively at the proximal and the distal end of the filter to allow attachment with the Delivery Cable.
     - Precise positioning, accurate deployment
     - Avoid "Jump forward" when released
     - A global innovator"

    Aegisy Vena Cava Filter

  • "The stent of the GoldenFlow system independently developed by Lifetech, unlike most laser carved peripheral stents in the market, is a woven stent that has overcome the shortcomings of weak strength, easily occurring with kink and fatigue fracture of the laser carved stents and well solved the shortcoming of difficulty in positioning of woven stent due to large shortening value through combination of special stent weave pattern design and delivery system with compensation function. "

    GoldenFlow Peripheral Stent

  • "-  Easy to Use
     - Suitable to various LAA anatomies
     - Fully recapturable and repositionable within LAA
     - Patented anchor design to ensure stable device fixation
     - 8-10 Fr. delivery sheath"

    LAmbre LAA