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Date posted : 08:00:00 01-01-1970

Vietnamese Medical Services was founded in 2018 as an exclusive distributor of reputable medical devices manufacturer in the world. With the unique superior quality, strong market network and excellent staffs, Vietnamese Medical Services is wellknown as a supplier and technology transfer of medical devices for cardiovascular in Vietnam.

Our value is to pursue superior quality, high technology products and 100% customer satisfaction, we demand each employee to be customer oriented and always think from customer’s standpoint to help our customers create the best sustainable profits.
We always aim at high technology to be able to adapt with the complexity of market’s demand for the purpose of consulting and transferring high quality products to customers. 
In order to pursue customers’ high satisfaction, we have our own way to make it come true:


  •         - Respond quickly and effectively to all customer requests

  •         - Ensuring the continuous operation of the services that the Company provides

  •         - Enthusiastic, considerate with an agile and amiable attitude

  •         - Ensuring service provision at reasonable prices and highly competitive

  •         - Always pay attention to employee training policy to ensure high expertise 

             Vietnamese Medical Services is the exclusive distributor in Vietnam of  Pfm Medical, LifeTech med, Med-Zenith Medical, Equitaine Medical Pte.

    In order to serve our purpose of trading in pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, our professional capacity and financial resources are always be prioritized for the following areas:

    .        - Build the list, participate in the project

  •          - Consulting on building business system according to project, contract
  •          - Market research
  •          - Building e-commerce project
  •          - Consulting, knowledge and experience support for doctors
  •          - Provide new health products for businesse


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