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Venus P - Valver

The Venus P Transcatheter Artery Valve by Venus Medtech is a self-expand valve device. It has a double-sided skirt design that may exclude the need of pre-implantation of a stent during surgery. And can be used with a 16mm-32mm RVOT diameter. This is the only choice for patients with pulmonary artery reverse flow within the globe.
Venus P has completed its patients grouping stage of clinical trial, this research was lead by academician Ge Jun Po, Fu Dan as principle investigator (PI) The product has begun its EU CE mark patients grouping clinical trial on Sep 13th 2016, and the PI of this reasearch is Dr. Shakeei Qureshi, Evelina Children’s Hospital, London, England.
While Venus P is building up its successful clinical cases, the product is getting a nice reputation among the world. Patients in England, Ireland, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Chile and Argentina are benefiting from this outstanding invention.
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